Coombe Weekender: Saturday by Regan Thacker

I was very fortunate to have a press pass to Coombe Weekender. I could see the Libertines sign on their backstage cabin, but before their set, there was no other trace of them. I had never seen The Libertines live. I mean a decade or so ago, I was a fan. I bought ‘Up the bracket‘ in 2002, and I also loved Dirty Pretty Things, who were band Carl Barat formed following the demise of the Libertines. The Libertines are known for their other infamous lead singer, Peter Doherty. Pete’s from nearby Bedworth.

Whilst I was in the press pit, numerous people in the crowd were asking if I had seen them or telling me how they used to know him, how he’s very down to earth, generous and friendly. I don’t know how true some of their stories were, but it was apparent that the crowd were really looking forward to seeing them live.

When The Libertines came onto the stage, I found myself a tad more awestruck than I anticipated. I was stood, in the press pitt in front of the Libertines, eek!

They were wearing green aviation jumpsuits, and the yellow strobe lighting was quite difficult to work with as a photographer.

Their set wasn’t as energetic as their younger days, but they were good! It was great to see Pete and Carl sharing a microphone, the familiarity of the songs and nostalgia gave me goosebumps.

Regan Thacker; Photographer and Coventry and Warwickshire Igers Admin.

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Summer of Spectacular Shows at Warwick Castle

Looking for something to do this summer? Warwick Castle have a Summer of Spectacular Shows going on at the moment that you should definitely check out. I was very kindly invited to go and scope it out for you guys and I can confirm that it’s a great day out for all the family.

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Ed’s Coffee House – Review

Raise your hand if you regularly spend fortunes in coffee shops. whether they be a chain or independent.

Fair play if you don’t like coffee, but us coffee drinkers all do this. We go into a coffee shop, grab our coffee (hot or cold) and then feel like we need to remortgage the house afterwards due to the cost.

I support both chain and independent coffee shops, purely because I love drinking coffee and if there is one near me, I’ll pop in for a drink whilst I shop. I used to be a barista so coffee is something I always enjoy, especially flat white.

However, I do love making coffee at home too and although I don’t do it as often as I used to when I was a barista, I still do it once in a blue moon. Especially when I have guests over.

If you’re like me and enjoy brewing your own coffee at home with a cafetiere, or even with a coffee machine then you need to make sure to check out Ed’s Coffee House in Coventry.

Throughout the post I’m going to show off how I brew my coffee! 😀

This family run business is located in the Coventry Indoor Market and has been situated in both the Birmingham Market, as well as the Ricoh (right outside GAME).

This is actually one of my friends businesses and let me tell you, as both a friend and a customer I can highly recommend Ed’s Coffee House not just for your coffee fix, but for all the different coffee flavours you can buy to use at home, as well as the coffee that can be made for you at the stall.

The way it works is that you can select the coffee you want to purchase, which can be as little as 100g for you to take home. They can grind the coffee at the stall for you too so you don’t have to worry when you get home about any of that faff. Of course, if you have this facility at home you will be give the whole beans so you can do this at home yourself.

If you don’t have any brewing equipment but would be interested in purchasing some, Ed’s Coffee House even stock items such as the french press, areopress, continental drip filter, tea balls & grinders.

Ed’s Coffee House stock coffees from Kenya, Brazil, Columbia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Indonesia and many more including their flavoured coffees including the popular Irish Cream, French Vanilla, Maple Walnut, Rum, Amaretto and Christmas (seasonally).They also stock instant coffees, brewing equipment. loose leaf teas and hot chocolates.

If you have tried a coffee that you like and you have been unable to find it elsewhere then make sure to pop to Ed’s Coffee House as they will do our best to source it for you.

I will of course be talking about some of the coffee flavours I was gifted to review. They’re so yummy and honestly I cannot advice on a better place to go! I usually pick up my flavoured coffees from TK Maxx, which I thought were good. Oh how wrong I was.

Ed’s Coffee House gifted me 6 coffee grind bags and one tea leaf bag.

3 of the coffees I was gifted are from their main range:

Kona (Grown at 1500ft on the side of the volcano Kilalu’s) – Fine body with mild acidity and a chocolate aftertaste.

Indian Monsoon Malabar (Directly exposed to the monsoon weather in the Malabar region of India excellent as an espresso coffee and blends well with other coffees) – Increased body and reduced acidity with sweet notes.

Old Brown Java (Old brown java was originally used as ballast on the old sailing ships where natural ageing occurred as they sailed to and from Europe) – Smooth with minimum acidity and a heavy body.

I was also gifted some flavoured coffees, which I asked for as I LOVE the flavoured coffee from Ed’s Coffee House! When you drink the coffee you can actually taste the flavour you have picked. I’d never tried caramel before and this was a flavour I was gifted to give a go, as it’s one of their best sellers. It’s amazing and was the perfect coffee to drink whilst playing board games, as well the perfect coffee to serve in the morning after a night with friends.


Creme Brulee


Ed’s Coffee House do also sell tea and kindly gifted me one of their many teas on offer, as well as a tea infuser. I’m not a massive tea fan and personally only drink it when offered or Earl Grey when I’m at home, so this tea made a really nice change!

English Breakfast tea (Traditional English Black Tea) – Well balanced black tea great all day long.

Of course Ed’s Coffee House do stock decaf coffee with their decaf coffees having 97% of the caffeine removed via the CO2 process which helps the bean retain as much flavour as possible

They also sell flavoured coffees in decaf too including, Rum, Irish Cream, Chocolate Caramel, Amaretto and Mexican.

As well as selling coffee beans and ground coffee and tea leaves, they also sell chocolate covered coffee beans too, which are AMAZING! I love the dark chocolate ones the most myself, but they also sell white chocolate, milk chocolate and amaretto flavoured chocolate too.

When it comes to coffee I do always gravitate towards flavoured coffee, which you can never go wrong with if you love drinking coffee.

As I mentioned beforehand, if you ever want to try the coffee before you buy it, you can purchase a coffee with the flavour or coffee bean you fancy giving a go. This will be a normal “americano” coffee with or without milk. However, they only stock the semi-skimmed (green top milk) as this is the best seller. They have tried vegan options and these were hardly used and hence a waste of money. However, if you wanted to take your own milk (for example coconut) to add to your coffee Ed’s Coffee House are more than happy for their buyers to do this!

Make sure to go and pay the guys over at Ed’s Coffee House a visit in the Coventry Indoor Market, close to the Lower Precinct entrance. Make sure to mention that I sent you, as I know that will make them very happy. 🙂

Just a quick one as it’s with a heavy heart that I announce this is my last Coventry Bloggers post as a writer on here… For now… Since April I have just been too busy in my life and whilst it makes a nice change, it means I can’t focus on both my blog and writing here. So, I’ve had to admit defeat and for the time being step down until there comes a time when I can do this again. This means I will write as and when I can, not monthly. Which is nice and it will work for me! 😀

It’s sad, but I am still going to be a part of Coventry Bloggers, no matter what! So make sure to keep eyes peeled on my blog for that content!

Until next time all, I hope you have an amazing weekend and go get coffee! 😛


The Urge is coming to Coventry!


Our wonderful blogger Ellena form Ellena’s paradise is launching her very own jewellery brand called The Urge. It is a mix of glamour and then sustainability as her products are vegan, ethical and no plastic is involved!

She has been on a journey in her life and came to Coventry to study tourism and has just finished her degree! So well done for that and now she is starting her own business and the website will be going live, so make sure you check it out from tonight here. Continue reading

The UK’s best unsigned talent in Coventry, for an exciting one night showcase!

Screenshot 2019-07-22 at 09.41.20

The Empire Coventry will be the location for an incredible night of live music, taking place on Saturday 7th September 2019. Six of the most exciting unsigned acts from around the country will take to the stage and it promises to be a spectacular night.

Performing on the night are Callow Youth, a fresh four-piece band from Manchester who have a huge following already despite having released just one EP. They recently performed a stripped-back version of their latest single ‘Wake Up’ for XS Manchester Radio. The song was also played on Steve Lamacq’s BBC 6 Musicevening show.

Another band to feature on BBC 6 Music and performing on the night are Wigan- based The Lathums, who have created a huge buzz on social media recently. This was after being scouted by Tim Burgess of The Charlatans and invited to play at Kendal Calling festival. They played recently at iconic Manchester venue Jimmys to a sold-out crowd and are ones to watch for the future.

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Fancy being on stage at the Belgrade Theatre! Open auditions announced for Crongton Knights


Performers sought for the world stage premiere of Alex Wheatle’s award-winning YA novel

Fancy a chance to perform on stage at the Belgrade Theatre? With the world stage premiere of Crongton Knights coming to Coventry in February 2020, up-and-coming actors, musicians and beatboxers are now being invited to submit audition videos for a chance to appear in the show.  Continue reading

“Something missing”, a solo exhibition by Sherrie Edgar

On 27 April 2019, I was invited to attend a private viewing for Sherrie Edgar’s first solo exhibition “Something Missing”.

This was an ambitious first solo exhibition that showcased some of her contemporary artworks, which explore the social politics and emotions of loneliness and solitude.

It was open to the public at the Artspace Arcadia Gallery from the 27th – 30th April 2019.

Who is Sherrie Edgar?

Sherrie is a Visual Artist, who specialises in Film & Photography. She’s from Coventry, and she is currently studying her MA in Contemporary Arts Practice at Coventry University. She is the first student on this course to host a solo exhibition before completing her Masters Degree. An impressive achievement, and why local art and culture critics are touting her as one to watch…

During the private viewing, Sherrie read a speech to discuss her work and thank us all for coming. She talked about the purpose and the critical thinking behind her artwork, and the struggle in accessing arts funding for her first solo exhibition. She told us about the time and effort involved in planning and organising each display at the Artspace Arcadia Gallery and how this was quite an isolating process. From her speech, it was very apparent how passionate and determined she is about sharing her contemporary visual artwork.

Sherrie is an extremely personable, bubbly, and likeable character. If you see another exhibition by her, I definitely recommend going along to chat to her if you have the opportunity.

You can follow her involvement with other projects or review some of her previous work here:
Twitter @TweetMonCher
Instagram @sherriegram

Some of my favourite pieces from “Something Missing”

How do you capture the sense of something missing? This is an interesting concept which has flitted in and out of my thoughts since viewing Sherrie’s exhibition.

Shrike 360

The Shrike Hotel room art exhibition is a collection of images from an immersive hotel room experience that encouraged participants to discover a sense of who the person was who occupied this room.

This immersive experience took place at the Coventry Britannia Hotel on 28 February 2019. The art installation included a representative sample of personal belongings, a film shown on the TV, and a personal cassette player.

Participants were given 35mm disposable cameras to take photographs or selfies to capture traces of the unknown person’s identity or a sense of their feelings.

I thought this was great because it really played on our sense of intrigue in discovering things about others. Some of the interesting images produced by the participants who engaged with this immersive experience are included on the slideshow below.

Digital Age

This was a 6 min film which explored the sense of loneliness and isolation in the digital age.

How can that be? How can people still experience a sense of isolation or exclusion when we are connected through digital devices or sharing so much of our lives on social media platforms? What’s missing? Is something missing in the digital age?

During this short film, Sherrie was lost in the code whilst she dictated a soliloquy of synonyms to express the sense of loneliness and isolation. I felt the sense of anguish in this film, it was a really strong visual and emotive representation of the loss of identity, and lack of physical interaction with others that sometimes comes with the digital age.

Support local art projects

Wouldn’t there be something missing in a world without Art & Creativity?

This month, some of Sherre’s artwork will be shown at The Arches Project in Birmingham and at Project Coventry on 20 June.

Will you be going along to support our local artists and projects?

All content and images by Regan @duskyblueskies

Cocktails & Networking – Cov Bloggers April Meet Up

Good afternoon all! I’m pretty sure I don’t just speak for myself when I say how excited I am for this bank holiday. 😛 It’s the last one for a while so I’m definitely going to try and make the most of it.

I’ve posted a couple of times on the Coventry Bloggers blog now, but moving forward I really hope to have my main posts on the 25th of each month. In between I might write other posts about Coventry, but my main one will always be this date.

I’m so excited to write about an amazing event that most of the Cov Bloggers (if not all!) attended one of the bank holidays we had in April. Just before the long Easter bank holiday kicked off we had a lovely event to attend Friday afternoon/evening and boy what a gorgeous day it was! Easter was some of the hottest days we’ve had so far this year so it was nice for the long weekend to kick start with a bunch of gorgeous ladies, beauty related panels and lots of gossip and photos! Continue reading

My 5 Favourite Places To Eat & Drink In Coventry

Photo taken by TV Trev Photography

Hey everyone! I’m Natalee from There Might Be Coffee and this is officially my first post on the Coventry Bloggers page! How exciting eh? 😀

I’m not actually from Coventry, I’m from Birmingham but this being said my boyfriend is from Coventry so I visited here quite a lot to see him when he lived here. I say visited but I still visit Coventry quite a lot to this day, whether it to be visit my boyfriends family, friends or even to come for blog events and see the gorgeous Coventry Blogger girls! Continue reading