Ivy House Gifted Lunch

Photo Credit: Emily from The Emily Chapters

Ivy House very kindly invited a group of Cov Bloggers, including myself Dawn from Life of a Midlander, to lunch recently to try out their new menu. It was a gorgeous sunny day and I was really looking forward to spending time with the group and trying the food on offer.

I’ve been to Ivy House for an event but not eaten there before so this was a new experience for me. We were sat downstairs by the doors so we could take in the beautiful day and I was immediately impressed with the set up and location looking out onto the art gallery and historic buildings.

We were tying out some of the food from the new menu and we had a decent selection of burgers, hot dogs and platters which between us all we tried a good portion of. I had the Cajun Chicken Burger and had to have a glass of cold white wine too as it was such a hot day! Both were spot on for me and I really enjoyed some of the platter too. There was so much food and I was stuffed afterwards and whilst we were there on a gifted experience I’d happily pay the very reasonable price for what we had, it was well worth it.

Photo by Dawn from Life of a Midlander

Photo Credit: Emily from The Emily Chapters

Photo Credit: Shauna from Champagne Life Peaches

Considering they were serving a largish group size I was impressed with the service too, all out in good time, fresh and so tasty.

Photo Credit: Elpńvn from Erenes Beauty Mood
Photo Credit: Kayleigh from Hazelnut Musings

Emily from The Emily Chapters has been a few times and quoted “…the quality is always amazing and the prices are so affordable you can’t quite believe it, nice atmosphere and staff as well. Such a hidden gem.” And I could agree more! It does seem a bit tucked away from Coventry’s main food scene but well worth the trip there for the value for money on food, atmosphere and Service.

As well as Emily here are the thoughts of some of my fellow bloggers on the experience:

Kayleigh from Hazelnut Musings: “The new menu is great. I love that it’s all such a reasonable price”

Gemma from Just Gem Blog: “After going to the Ivy House for breakfast, I was excited to go back and try the main menu too! And I wasn’t disappointed, the food was perfect, presentation of the food was so pretty and completely instagrammable! And because we went on a super hot day, I had to treat myself to a cocktail and I was impressed with how affordable they were and there was plenty to pick from!”

Amani from Amani Alwadi: “The food was absolutely delicious! Really loved the Mexican bean burger with the fries. I’m definitely going back soon to have it again!! The service was lovely as well”

Photo Credit: Emily from Coventry Life

Photo by Dawn from Life of a Midlander

I think it’s safe to say we all loved the lunch and our experience and would recommend it as a place to go for very reasonably priced, food quality food. Thank you to Ivy House for having us!


Life of a Midlander


P.I.Z.Z.A. – Basement Browns Gifted Review

Basement Browns were kind enough to open their doors to a small group of Coventry Bloggers this week – and boy, did we enjoy it! As all bloggers do we took plenty of pics, which was great as the restaurant itself had a really relaxed and chilled atmosphere – great for casual dining with friends.

There was a small group of us with such a variety of different requirements – dairy free, vegetarian and vegan (and then there’s me with my mighty, chorizo pizza absolutely smothered with CHEEEESE. Just the way I like it.)

It’s me! Amy of Writing Into The Ether

There are three sizes to suit three appetites (I guess family size, you should probably share…) and the menu is super varied. As I mentioned, I opted for meat and if you were so inclined you could choose from a select few vegetables to add onto it. I opted without because that seemed much too healthy to me.

Pic: Dawn – LifeofaMidlander

There were also some amazing sides – I was sure to try all my fellow bloggers’ options! Halloumi Fries, Sweet Potato Fries and even just the straight fries were really yummy. What I really like is that they have a selection of homemade sauces that you can grab to level up your meal.

Pic: JustGem

Check out what the Coventry Bloggers thought about their experiences at Basement Browns, and be sure to stop by and try it out for yourself.

“I was really impressed with the whole experience at Basement Browns. Loved the decor, there was a brilliant choice in what you can have… I love pizza and this one did not disappoint!”

Dawn – LifeofaMidlander

“We are spoilt for choice for pizza in Coventry and that makes me super happy… Pizza is my favourite! Basement Browns had delicious options with super cool names (Super Mario pizza!) and so darn cheesy… I was in pizza heaven!””

Gemma – JustGem

“Basement Browns has the perfect vegan cheese for me and don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything because of my intolerances! There’s something to suit everyone.”

Emily – TheEmilyChapters

“I love that Basement Browns offer a great selection of vegetarian meat. You don’t often see them on pizzas and it’s nice to have something other than vegetables.”

Kayleigh – HazelnutMusings

Esquires Coffee Coventry Celebrates Launch Of Ice-Brew Trio With Novel Partnership

Penguin Random House has partnered with Esquires Coffee for BAFTA-winning TV writer Ruth Jones’ debut novel launch.


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Latin American Delights: Trying out Las Iguana’s New Menu (Gifted Meal)

With new restaurants popping up all over Broadgate, it’s hard to know what to choose! You’re torn between flavours from all over the world – but what I love about Las Iguanas is that you always have a choice. Las Iguanas specialises in cuisine from all over South America – so whether you prefer Brazilian, Mexican, Peruvian or Argentinian cuisine – you’re guaranteed to find something that tickles your fancy.

It’s me! Amy of WritingIntoTheEther.com

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Bubble Tea Making with Bubble Boba, Coventry – Gifted Experience

Have you ever tried bubble tea? If not, WHY NOT? I’m Amy from WritingIntoTheEther – and if any of you follow me on Instagram you might know I am a bit of a Bubble Tea Connoisseur… Okay, I’m addicted. I cannot look at a picture of one of those fruity, bubbly beverages without wanting to drive straight to Bubble Boba to get one.

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MOD Pizza Opens In Coventry

A few weeks ago some of us Coventry Bloggers were invited to attend the press night for the new MOD Pizza Coventry opening. MOD stands for Made On Demand so it does exactly what it says on the tin! MOD Pizza was founded in 2008 by husband and wife, Scott and Ally Svenson, in their hometown of Seattle. They started to wonder if there was a better way to do pizza where everyone could get exactly what they wanted for as little as possible and the employees could be paid as much as possible and be given more opportunities for growth. And so MOD Pizza was born and the first one opened in Downtown Seattle. Since then they have branched out all over the US and come to UK shores too. Continue reading “MOD Pizza Opens In Coventry”