Esquires Coffee Coventry Celebrates Launch Of Ice-Brew Trio With Novel Partnership

Penguin Random House has partnered with Esquires Coffee for BAFTA-winning TV writer Ruth Jones’ debut novel launch.


Esquires Coffee, the ethical community focused coffee brand, is launching a brand new trio of of ice-brewed drinks just in time for summer! It launches on 22nd June so make sure you head on down. The 3 drinks were Black & Tonic, Iced Chocolate and Iced Raspberry & Vanilla tea. Continue reading “Esquires Coffee Coventry Celebrates Launch Of Ice-Brew Trio With Novel Partnership”


“Something missing”, a solo exhibition by Sherrie Edgar

On 27 April 2019, I was invited to attend a private viewing for Sherrie Edgar’s first solo exhibition “Something Missing”.

This was an ambitious first solo exhibition that showcased some of her contemporary artworks, which explore the social politics and emotions of loneliness and solitude.

It was open to the public at the Artspace Arcadia Gallery from the 27th – 30th April 2019.

Who is Sherrie Edgar?

Sherrie is a Visual Artist, who specialises in Film & Photography. She’s from Coventry, and she is currently studying her MA in Contemporary Arts Practice at Coventry University. She is the first student on this course to host a solo exhibition before completing her Masters Degree. An impressive achievement, and why local art and culture critics are touting her as one to watch…

During the private viewing, Sherrie read a speech to discuss her work and thank us all for coming. She talked about the purpose and the critical thinking behind her artwork, and the struggle in accessing arts funding for her first solo exhibition. She told us about the time and effort involved in planning and organising each display at the Artspace Arcadia Gallery and how this was quite an isolating process. From her speech, it was very apparent how passionate and determined she is about sharing her contemporary visual artwork.

Sherrie is an extremely personable, bubbly, and likeable character. If you see another exhibition by her, I definitely recommend going along to chat to her if you have the opportunity.

You can follow her involvement with other projects or review some of her previous work here:
Twitter @TweetMonCher
Instagram @sherriegram

Some of my favourite pieces from “Something Missing”

How do you capture the sense of something missing? This is an interesting concept which has flitted in and out of my thoughts since viewing Sherrie’s exhibition.

Shrike 360

The Shrike Hotel room art exhibition is a collection of images from an immersive hotel room experience that encouraged participants to discover a sense of who the person was who occupied this room.

This immersive experience took place at the Coventry Britannia Hotel on 28 February 2019. The art installation included a representative sample of personal belongings, a film shown on the TV, and a personal cassette player.

Participants were given 35mm disposable cameras to take photographs or selfies to capture traces of the unknown person’s identity or a sense of their feelings.

I thought this was great because it really played on our sense of intrigue in discovering things about others. Some of the interesting images produced by the participants who engaged with this immersive experience are included on the slideshow below.

Digital Age

This was a 6 min film which explored the sense of loneliness and isolation in the digital age.

How can that be? How can people still experience a sense of isolation or exclusion when we are connected through digital devices or sharing so much of our lives on social media platforms? What’s missing? Is something missing in the digital age?

During this short film, Sherrie was lost in the code whilst she dictated a soliloquy of synonyms to express the sense of loneliness and isolation. I felt the sense of anguish in this film, it was a really strong visual and emotive representation of the loss of identity, and lack of physical interaction with others that sometimes comes with the digital age.

Support local art projects

Wouldn’t there be something missing in a world without Art & Creativity?

This month, some of Sherre’s artwork will be shown at The Arches Project in Birmingham and at Project Coventry on 20 June.

Will you be going along to support our local artist and projects?

The Girl On The Train at The Belgrade Theatre

The Girl on The Train has been adapted for theatre from the best-selling book of the same name by Paula Hawkins. I’ve read the book and loved it and also seen the film adaptation, so I was excited to compare the play too.

The story focuses on Rachel, a drunk who has split up from her husband and is struggling to get over it. When a woman goes missing from a house a couple of doors down from her ex husband on the same night Rachel blacked out and can’t remember where she was, she sets out on a mission to put the pieces together and discover what truly happened that night.

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The Worst Witch at The Belgrade Theatre

Worst Witch 50 - credit Manuel Harlan

A few weeks ago The Worst Witch visited The Belgrade Theatre and I was very lucky to be invited along to one of the shows. The Belgrade Theatre has always been a great place to go in Coventry and I know most people will have visited for the yearly Pantomimes there. However, they also do plays, ballets and musicals throughout the year too. It’s one of my favourites pastimes going to the theatre and over the past couple of years, they’ve hosted some great plays. Continue reading “The Worst Witch at The Belgrade Theatre”

Latin American Delights: Trying out Las Iguana’s New Menu (Gifted Meal)

With new restaurants popping up all over Broadgate, it’s hard to know what to choose! You’re torn between flavours from all over the world – but what I love about Las Iguanas is that you always have a choice. Las Iguanas specialises in cuisine from all over South America – so whether you prefer Brazilian, Mexican, Peruvian or Argentinian cuisine – you’re guaranteed to find something that tickles your fancy.

It’s me! Amy of

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Cocktails & Networking – Cov Bloggers April Meet Up

Good afternoon all! I’m pretty sure I don’t just speak for myself when I say how excited I am for this bank holiday. 😛 It’s the last one for a while so I’m definitely going to try and make the most of it.

I’ve posted a couple of times on the Coventry Bloggers blog now, but moving forward I really hope to have my main posts on the 25th of each month. In between I might write other posts about Coventry, but my main one will always be this date.

I’m so excited to write about an amazing event that most of the Cov Bloggers (if not all!) attended one of the bank holidays we had in April. Just before the long Easter bank holiday kicked off we had a lovely event to attend Friday afternoon/evening and boy what a gorgeous day it was! Easter was some of the hottest days we’ve had so far this year so it was nice for the long weekend to kick start with a bunch of gorgeous ladies, beauty related panels and lots of gossip and photos! Continue reading “Cocktails & Networking – Cov Bloggers April Meet Up”

My top 5 bargains I’ve found in Coventry.

So first, an introduction! My name’s Gemma and I blog over at Just Gem. I’ve been involved in Coventry Bloggers just over a year now and it’s been amazing (but that’s a story for another time) so when the opportunity to become an author on the Coventry Bloggers website I jumped at the chance and when deciding what my first post was to be about it… It came down to a choice between my two of my favourite things…cats and bargains!

And I thought I’d start with bargains, as it’s no sercet I’m bargain mad! You just have to go on my instagram and you’ll find stories full of the bargains I have picked up! So I thought I’d share with you lovely lot my top 5 bargains I found in Coventry.

So let’s get stuck into the bargains shall we? Continue reading “My top 5 bargains I’ve found in Coventry.”

Bubble Tea Making with Bubble Boba, Coventry – Gifted Experience

Have you ever tried bubble tea? If not, WHY NOT? I’m Amy from WritingIntoTheEther – and if any of you follow me on Instagram you might know I am a bit of a Bubble Tea Connoisseur… Okay, I’m addicted. I cannot look at a picture of one of those fruity, bubbly beverages without wanting to drive straight to Bubble Boba to get one.

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Saving the World! (Kind of…)

Me and Pete have now completed a few escape rooms, it’s safe to say we a fans of them and prefer the ones where there are quite a few clues and puzzles to solve as well as the padlocks. Escape Live are very good for this, I’ve done Prison Break and Casino Heist at the Coventry base and both were brilliant. We were therefore very happy to learn of a new room opening – Armageddon.

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