Esquires Coffee Coventry Celebrates Launch Of Ice-Brew Trio With Novel Partnership

Penguin Random House has partnered with Esquires Coffee for BAFTA-winning TV writer Ruth Jones’ debut novel launch.


Esquires Coffee, the ethical community focused coffee brand, is launching a brand new trio of of ice-brewed drinks just in time for summer! It launches on 22nd June so make sure you head on down. The 3 drinks were Black & Tonic, Iced Chocolate and Iced Raspberry & Vanilla tea. Continue reading

Lunar New Year Celebrations at Belgrade Theatre!

Get ready to celebrate the New Year again, because the celebrations are just about to begin with the Lunar New Year around the corner, starting Saturday 25th January to Saturday 8th February.
Also known as Chinese New Year, the Lunar New Year is widely celebrated across East and South East Asia, along with diaspora communities around the world. This year, the Belgrade Theatre will also be getting festive with a brand-new production of Madam Butterfly, retold from a female, East Asian perspective.
Premiering 6th February at the Belgrade Theatre before touring the UK, critically-acclaimed Ruth Chan has re-orchestrated this new English translation of Puccini’s work with a diverse cast of singers.
thumbnail_Madam Butterfly new landscape - resized(2)
But the celebrations don’t end there! After last year’s highly successful collaboration, the Belgrade Theatre will be teaming up with Coventry University’s Confucius Institute to offer an exciting range of activities on Saturday 1st February, all for free!
From 9am-12pm practice your hand at Chinese Calligraphy, perfect your Traditional Crafts skills and learn and relax at a Thai Chi Taster Session at this drop-in event. Try as much or as little as you want! With the Year of the Rat being said to be auspicious, what better time to learn something new?
thumbnail_Tai Chi taster session 1(1)
There’s no need to book, so turn up on the day with family and friends for an experience you will not forget.
February is an exciting month for The Belgrade and everyone in Coventry as you can access so many free events. You do not want to miss out!
thumbnail_Tai Chi taster session 3(1)

Chinese Crafts for Lunar New Year takes place at the Belgrade Theatre Coventry on Saturday 1 February, followed by OperaUpClose’s Madam Butterfly on Thursday 6 February. Tickets for the show are available to book now by calling the box office on 024 7655 3055 or visit for cheaper prices.

Come along and join the Lunar New Year celebrations!

10 Tip on How to Stay Healthy this Christmas

  1. Drink with Moderation


Christmas might be the time for all those warm glasses of mulled wine and just wine in general, but we should not justify the 6th glass of wine consumed on the same day by the fact that it’s Christmas and ‘tis the season to be jolly!

It is indeed the season of family gatherings and unforgettable moments spent together with your loved one, therefore you might want to cut down on the alcohol so you actually remember these moments.


Here are some numbers to demonstrate how many calories a nice glass of wine can pack:


Large glass (250ml) of average strength red wine = 214 calories = one bag of Cheesy Wotsits. A bottle of average strength red wine = 644 calories = 14 jaffa cakes or McDonald’s Cheeseburger and medium fries. Large glass of medium dry white wine = 190 calories = two and a half digestive biscuits.


As in every other aspect in life, moderation is key, treat wine as a delicacy and enjoy a glass or two on special occasions.



  1. Consume lots of fruits


As the weather is getting colder and colder outside it is important to get you vitamins and minerals in, to help you stay in good health. Make sure that your Christmas Shopping List enables you to get enough fruit to fill up the fruit bowl and get your recommended daily portion of fruit and veg. Fruits like oranges, clementines, pomegranate, persimmon, pears and nuts are perfect for snacking in between meals or while watching Home Alone with the family.

Vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, sweet potato, beetroot, brussel sprouts and pumpkin are perfect side dish options for the Christmas Meal.


(FYI: Wine is not a grape salad, it doesn’t count!)


  1. Get out of the house


There’s nothing better than building your first snowman or snowwoman of the year after a fresh snowfall!

Take some time off cooking and cleaning and enjoy the great outdoors with your beloved ones. Snowball fights, rope towing in the snow, ice hockey and ice skating are some of the best ways to burn off some extra energy. Make sure no one gets hurt (physically and emotionally) in the process.

If you got no kids to play outside with, then go for a walk after dinner, walk the dog, walk the neighbours dog, play with the dog, no matter whose dog it is!

Also, fresh crisp are will help with better sleep, while a nice stroll will aim digestion, so you definitely don’t want to miss out on that one!


  1. Increase the number of your strengths workouts


You’ve worked so hard all year to gain muscle, so why should you risk wrecking your progress over the winter holidays? It is important to increase the number of your strength workouts in order to maintain muscle mass, so if you’re less of a runner then you are in for a win, because you can burn just as many calories by lifting weights as you’d if you went for a long run. Also, those extra calories might even help you get a new PB in the process!


  1. Stay Hydrated


Drinking enough water and staying hydrated is even more important during the holidays, since most of us consume more alcohol than any other times of the year. Even on nights out, it is important that you drink enough water. Don’t worry if your friends are offering to buy you drinks but you ask for sparkling water with lemon/lime. After all, who wants a bad hangover anyways?


  1. Make sure you consume protein with each of your meals


In order to feel satisfied and stay fuller for longer, it is essential that you try to incorporate some kind of protein with each meal. Getting a good amount of protein in each meal is therefore beneficial for lessening cravings for potentially unhealthy snacks between meals. Helping to maintain muscle mass during a calorie deficit. For example, eggs in any form are an amazing breakfast option, this will keep you satisfied till lunch time.


  1. Carefully select treats


Treats are allowed during the festive season, but you have to choose them wisely. A good plan would be to only eat treats that are available during Christmas only and not goodies that are readily available year round.


  1. Catch up with friends over fitness related events


Plan on seeing your friends over the Christmas Holidays for fitness related catch ups. This is so much better than going for brunch only. Why not go for a yoga or spin class together with your girls and then enjoy a nice and nourishing lunch together afterwards. Also, signing up for sport related events, or trying out the new class at your local gym together could be a lot of fun.


  1. Mindful eating


If you really think about it, the food around Christmas isn’t actually that bad. It’s the portion sizes that seem to get to us. You may be looking forward to the pigs in blankets, but you don’t have to pile seven on your plate. Keep things realistic and enjoy the food in moderation.

A really good tip is to not to eat till you feel so full, you can’t even move. Yes, the food might smell delicious and look tasty, but do you really want to slump on the sofa and complain about how much you’ve just eaten?

Also, try not to go back for seconds and prioritize time when eating. Eating slower will not only lead to better meal satisfaction, but you’ll better your digestion and actually realise when you feel full up.


  1. Enjoy your time with your loved ones!


Staying fit during the holidays shouldn’t sounds like a chore, after all it is the season to be jolly. Make sure you don’t go crazy and choose gym session over spending time with your family and loved ones. Time them right and you’ll be able to do both!

Don’t restrain yourself from foods you love, instead, enjoy them in smaller portions, or maybe share them with your family. (hah! Jokes, no one likes to share their favourite treats)

How cool was our pottery painting party?

Cov Bloggers pottery painting party

In October, members from Coventry Bloggers were invited to attend a discounted pottery painting party with The Cool Pots Co at Esquires in Coventry.

Our pottery painting session at Esquires – Image from @thecoolpotsco

The Cool Pots Co

The Cool Posts Co is a newly established mobile Pottery painting company managed by April. She provides pottery painting sessions for:

  • Children’s parties
  • Baby prints
  • Hen parties
  • Corporate events
  • School bookings
  • Commissions
  • Team building

April only created The Cool Pots Co Facebook Page on 23 April 2019. And it’s already proved tremendously popular, she has attracted 984 followers in about 6 months! That’s amazing, why don’t you give her a follow to help get her past the 1000 mark?

Our Pottery Painting Party

During our pottery painting party, we had a relaxing two hours to design and paint a mug and/or a coaster.

Colour Wheel Chart
Colour Wheel Chart

Before I started, two hours seemed like plenty of time. Afraid, I am a bit artistically challenged when it comes to painting. So, I spent two hours quietly concentrating on trying to perfect the paws on my mug. As a result, I sadly ran out of time to paint my coaster.

Paw prints on pottery mug
Paw Prints on my Mug

This masterpiece took me two hours! I’m a photographer, which means that I like to try and make things look their best. Can you tell?

I would suggest that you think about what design you plan to paint on your pottery before your painting session with Cool Pots Co. You can draw your design in advance and copy it onto your mug, plate or coaster.

If you are a bit artistically challenged like me, the good news is that April will draw a design in pencil for you. So, you would only need to paint!

April talking about drawing designs for Customers

Bespoke designs & Commissions

The Cool Pots Co has a vast range of figurines, plates, mugs, plaques, clocks, posts and more.

Prices start from £8 up to £35, which includes glazing and kiln firing.

April studied Illustration, so her drawings and designs are fabulous! I probably should have told her what I wanted and asked her to draw my design because I am a little bit better at the calming art of colouring in.

Design By April
Design created by April

Despite my low-level painting skills, I had a great time during our pottery painting session and I think my paws mug looks pretty cool.

Art activities are relaxing, and a popular mindfulness tool. Whilst I was focusing deeply on the task of painting, other thoughts and anxieties drifted away. One of the reasons I love photography is because it often helps me de-stress and focus my mind on the beauty before me.

Group bookings for painting parties

Fancy a few hours focusing your energy on feeling calm and creative?

All of the Coventry Bloggers who attended our pottery painting party with The Cool Pots Co had an enjoyable, arty, and relaxing evening.

Pottery painting session
Group pottery painting sessions

In addition to being an incredible painter and illustrator, April is super organised, extremely friendly, and great with families and children.

Why don’t you organise a pottery painting party with The Cool Pots Co? Or commission a special Christmas Gift for a loved one?

Regan Thacker, Dusky blue skies


The custom-made eat-as-you-go healthy food group, Wok to Walk, opens the hottest show in town with its first restaurant in Coventry on Friday, 15 November. 

Wok to Walk prides itself in offering something a little bit different, serving simple, sizzling Asian food in a flash.  The new restaurant, in the heart of Coventry at 2 Cross Cheaping, has created 11 jobs, seats 38 and will be open until late every night.

Wok to Walk aims to give customers total flexibility and involve them in the cooking experience through the use of open kitchens.

Explains Wok to Walk’s Coventry manager, Hassan Kamara: “We’re about firing up fresh, healthy ingredients, before your very eyes. Customers design their recipe picking the base, ingredients and sauce of their choice, and we stir it on the spot. All sorts of cravings are welcome: our 3-step menu has thousands of possible combinations!”  

Hassan added: “But that’s not the only thing we’re known for. We’re also referred to as the hottest show in town! Our fearless wokkists love to play with fire, and that’s what they do while cooking customers’ delicious custom recipes. There are options for everyone, from vegans to meat lovers. Each meal is prepared in less than five minutes, so it is fast but, make no mistake, this is not fast food.”

Wok to Walk offers rice and noodle bases cooked with a choice of meat, fish and vegetables, with a selection of sauces stirred through. Options include udon noodles with prawns, bamboo shoots and teriyaki sauce, and brown rice with tofu, broccoli and Asian hot sauce. Meals can be eaten inside or taken out.

Wok to Walk’s first restaurant opened its doors in Amsterdam in 2004 and is now one of the leading noodle food groups with over 70 outlets around the world. It has restaurants in Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Leeds, Liverpool, London and Reading.

Santa Is Coming To The Belgrade!

Santa Claus is back in town this Christmas with Imagine Theatre’s festive family show Santa’s Dizzy Day returning to the Belgrade Theatre. Last staged at the Belgrade in 2014, this interactive, song-filled production offers little ones an ideal introduction to the magic of live theatre. 

Aimed at kids aged 2-6, Imagine Theatre’s popular Santa shows have fast become something of a seasonal tradition for Coventry families, each one including a chance to meet Father Christmas himself and receive an early Christmas present. 

Previous shows have included Santa’s Sparkly Surprise, Santa’s Mixed-Up Martian, Santa’s Polka dot Pirate and Santa’s Rusty Robot all written by Belgrade panto legend Iain Lauchlan, drawing on his extensive experience in the children’s entertainment industry. In addition to his 25 years writing, directing and performing in pantomime at the Belgrade, Lauchlan created the BAFTA-winning children’s series The Tweenies, and has worked on a wide range of other successful television programmes including Playdays, Fun Song Factory and Fingermouse. 

Iain Lauchlan said: “I think it is really important for children to be introduced to theatre at a young age, and even more important that they have a wonderful experience. Santa’s Dizzy Day has been specially designed to get them involved in what is happening in the show, shouting out and joining in with the songs before meeting Santa at the end.” 

Coventry-based Imagine Theatre specialises in pantomime and children’s theatre, co-producing the annual Belgrade panto, as well as creating its own shows and supplying sets for productions across the country. 

Steve Boden, Managing Director of Imagine Theatre and producer of Santa’s Dizzy Day, said: “Since our ‘Santa’ series first began five years ago, it’s been wonderful to see them go from strength to strength, receiving fabulous feedback from families who have taken their children to see the shows. This year, we’re delighted to be returning to the show that started it all off in 2014, and introducing the story to a whole new audience of little ones. 

“Running at around 45 minutes long, it’s great for children who are just a bit too young for panto, combining a Christmas show with a visit to Santa – although in my experience, the adults seem to enjoy it just as much!” 

Santa’s Dizzy Day shows at the Belgrade Theatre from Thursday 12 until Tuesday 24 December. Tickets are available to book now by calling the box office on 024 7655 3055, or visiting where prices are even cheaper.

Buddy-The Buddy Holly Story

I have never heard so many people singing along to a show that was not a concert and I loved it!
A multi-award winning West End show, we follow the life of Buddy Holly and his phenomenal rise to fame in just 18 months, culminating in his astounding final performance at Clear Lake Iowa.
thumbnail_62 L-R Hannah Price, Harry Boyd, Christopher Weeks, Rhiannon Hopkins, Joshua Barton, Ben Pryer
What a show! With so many talented actors and musicians, it’s hard to know where to start. Everyone flawlessly played their roles, embodying stars of the past and the people around them. While all the actors shone, a particular mention should go out to Harry Boyd, our narrator who played multiple roles from the radio host to the producer who gave Buddy his big break. He moved seamlessly between roles and a range of accents, making the transitions between roles effortlessly and believably.
thumbnail_8156 L-R Hannah Price, AJ Jenks, Joe Butcher, Josh Haberfield
Christopher Weeks, playing Buddy Holly, was an uncanny likeness to the late star, his voice and musician skills perfectly embodying the role. He brought an innocence to the role that truly presented Buddy as he was, believing that his talent was made for more than small time music, while remaining humble when he reached fame. Between the friendships, romance and passion, Christopher Weeks portrayal of Buddy made him endearing and admirable.
Along with the actors, the music was brilliant, making me want to jump out of my seat and dance. Thank goodness we finally got that chance at the end, when everyone in the audience was up on their feet and singing their hearts out.
thumbnail_343 L-R Sasha Latoya, Miguel Angel, Cartier Fraser
From the 50s costumes to the sets, it felt like I was really at a concert back in the day, especially during the second act.
Whether you are a Buddy Holly fan, a lover of the 1950s or even don’t know anything about him, go Johnny go to the Belgrade Theatre and watch this show.

Runs at the Belgrade Theatre Coventry until Saturday 9th November 2019

Photo credit: Buddy-The Buddy Holly Story team

thumbnail_112 Miguel Angel, AJ Jenks, Sasha Latoya, Cartier Fraser

Belgrade’s Puss in Boots Casting Announced!

The boots have been filled for Belgrade’s panto of the year, Puss in Boots!
Writer and director, Iain Lauchlan, returns with his 25th panto for the Belgrade Theatre, along with a brilliant cast that are sure to have us feline great during this festive season (it’s November, so basically Christmas and yes, do expect many cat puns to come).
thumbnail_Iain Lauchlan and Craig Hollingsworth as Matilda and Simon Pudding 3 - credit FiveSix Photography(1)
Lauchlan returns alongside Craig Hollingsworth, back on stage as Matilda and Simon Puddings, a son and mother duo journeying in search Puss in Boots to help them save their village of Baggy Bottom on the Bog from cat-astrophe, as it is threatened by a treacherous ogre and his notorious henchman, played by Peter Watts.
Cast in the infamous role of Puss in Boots will be Joanna Thorne, who Belgrade panto fans will recognise as Sleeping Beauty’s Prince from last year. Aiding our heroes will be Aimee Louise Bevan, acting as Fairy Flutterby who wants to defeat the villainous pair.
thumbnail_Iain Lauchlan and Craig Hollingsworth as Matilda and Simon Pudding 4 - credit FiveSix Photography(1)
Miriam Grace Edwards, a recurring actor in B2 alternative Christmas shows, will play the role of Princess Sophia, with her father being played by David Gilbrook, otherwise known as King Collin.
Along with the ensemble roles done by Ema Astarloa, Dylan Hones and Daniel Teague, they will be supported by a Junior Chorus of local children aged 9-16.
If it is anything like Belgrade’s previous pantos, then it is sure to be the purrfect event to get you feeling ready for the festive season. Full of hilarious hijinks, fantastical costumes and a classic story retold, Puss in Boots is not one to be missed.
With a cast like this, Puss in Boots is sure to be one that will leave you feline great!
Now the cat’s out of the bag, go and book your tickets today.

Puss in Boots shows at the Belgrade Theatre Coventry from Wednesday 27 November until Saturday 11 January.

thumbnail_Iain Lauchlan and Craig Hollingsworth as Matilda and Simon Pudding - credit FiveSix Photography(3).jpg

Photo credit: Belgrade Theatre

My Beautiful Launderette

An emotional rollercoaster from the start, My Beautiful Launderette followed the story of Omar (Omar Malik) and Johnny (Jonny Fines), two young men trying to find their place in the world and prove what they are worth, all while previous feelings are being rekindled between them.
Set against the backdrop of London during the Thatcher years, My Beautiful Launderette explored sexuality, gender inequality, cultural conflicts and many other topics that were revolutionary for the 1980s, when the screenplay was originally released.
thumbnail_Omar Malik as Omar and Jonny Fines and Johnny_ My Beautiful Laundrette_Photography by Ellie Kurttz
From the moment I walked in the theatre, I was curious to know what was happening. Amongst the grey, graffitied set was a man in bed, while three other men lay on the floor, before the show even began. Everything about it was visually stunning, capturing the midst of London one minute and hopping to several different households the next. The set was brilliant, constantly being moved around and completely transforming the scenes.
The true stand out of the play were the actors. Each perfectly captured their role, whether they were playing one or multiple characters. Omar and Jonny played their characters in a way that slowly built up the romantic tension, making the audience root for them and eager to confess their feelings. Though their relationship was a secret, it was one of hope for a better future and showed the tender side of their characters, as well as laddish banter.
thumbnail_Kammy Darweish as Nasser and Omar Malik as Omar_ My Beautiful Laundrette_Photography by Ellie KurttzWhile the main focus of the play was their relationship and building up their business, the sub plots really stood out, each leaving you wondering how they would resolve throughout. From Tania (Nicole Jebeli) determined to break the traditional female role to Nasser’s (Kammy Darweish) unraveling affair, every moment challenged ideas of tradition, love and cultural tensions. Each topic was flawlessly dealt with and left me thinking long after the play was done.
thumbnail_Cathy Tyson as Rachel, Nicole Jebeli as Tania and Omar Malik as Omar_ My Beautiful Laundrette_Photography by Ellie Kurttz
If you are a fan of the screenplay, romances or just looking for an enjoyable night out, go and see My Beautiful Launderette at the Belgrade Theatre. It is sure to leave you with a warm feeling and tears in your eyes.

5/5 stars

My Beautiful Launderette runs at the Belgrade Theatre until Saturday 2nd November 2019

Photo Credit: Ellie Kurttz

Autumn leaf at lake in Coombe Country Park

Awesome things to do in Coventry and Warwickshire this Autumn!

Everyone loves taking a wander through their local woods or around Coombe Country park to catch sight of the glorious Autumn colours.

Woodlands at Coombe Country Park in Coventry
Autumn walk through Coombe Country Park, taken by Regan Thacker @duskyblueskies

But, what are the other awesome things to do in Coventry & Warwickshire this Autumn?

Do you know what’s happening in Coventry & Warwickshire?

There are plenty of different things you could do every weekend in Coventry and Warwickshire this Autumn, not convinced yet?
Take a look at this list below.

Here’s a list of awesome things you could do:

22 October: Family fun day at the Belgrade Theatre

The Belgrade Theatre are hosting another Family Fun Day from 10.30am – 4pm. There will be arts and crafts tables, games, storytelling and a dressing-up station with real stage costumes.

Entry is free – just turn up on the day.

Image courtesy of Emily, who is one of our Amazing Authors and blogger at Coventry Life.

25 October: Deer at Dusk

Catch a glimpse of the fallow deer or the bucks bellowing or sparring as part of a guided tour with the Park & Gardens team at Charlecote park. Tickets are £20 each

Charlecote Park in Warwickshire
Stag at Charlecote park captured by Trevor Price

26 October: Coventry Continental Food Market

Join Igers Coventry & Warwickshire for a foodie themed instameet at the Coventry Continental Food Market as part of the Festival Before the Lights.

Coventry BID team are veery kindly providing 30 instagrammers with a complimentary food voucher! Never been to an instameet before? Well now’s your chance. Make sure you book your free ticket via this link to secure your food voucher!

27 October: Pumpkins R Us

Dawn, Life of a Midlander at Pumpkins R Us

If you haven’t picked your Halloween pumpkin by now, you best hurry!
Dawn, who is another one of our Amazing Authors, recommends picking a pumpkin from your local pumpkin farm rather than the supermarket. You will find a much bigger choice of colours and sizes!

31 October: Dead of the Dead Festival and Bonfire party

Umberslade Farm Park are having a Day of the Dead Bonfire Party.
Gates open 4.30pm, Bonfire lit at 6.30pm, Fireworks at 7.30pm

If you go in Fang-tastic Fancy dress you will have the chance to win a Family Farm Pass!

Day of the Dead Bonfire Party

The Day of the Dead Bonfire Party will be a frightful delight for all of the family. There will be Dia de los Muertos Skeletons, fire dancers, their Dead Famous Family Silent Disco and a Live Mariachi band.

Be quick to buy your tickets from the Umberslade Farm Park website
An Advance Family Ticket is £20 + £0.50 booking fee.

2 November: Kenilworth Castle Bonfire Gala

The Fireworks & Bonfire at Kenilworth Castle is organised by the Kenilworth Round Table.

It is one of the largest bonfire & firework displays in the Midlands. This means that there are a lot of people there and it can feel quite crowded. There are a number of food stalls in the grounds, but these can also tend to have long queues.

Check out parking/transport options and make sure you purchase your ticket in advance.

There are also a few vantage points from outside the castle grounds, but these are usually commandeered by photographers with tripods trying to get that perfect shot.

Despite the crowds and issues around limited parking, it is worth noting that in 2018 Visit England listed it as one of their Top 5 firework displays.

If you have never been, it is definitely worth going to see it at least once.

Fireworks at Kenilworth Castle, taken by Regan Thacker in 2017

3 November: Carnival of Lights

The Carnival of Lights is a new event for the calendar this year!

It is a Lantern Procession which starts at Foleshill Community Centre at 5.15pm. The Lantern Procession will head into the City Centre and finish in Broadgate. There will be floats, live performances, and Bollywood dancers with LED umbrellas. It sounds rather fabulous!

This is a free event, and you can watch the procession from various points along the route.

16 November: Fargo Winter Chocolate Festival

The Winter Chocolate Festival at Fargo Village will have plenty of fudge, cake, cookies, and brownies for you to indulge your sweet-tooth and/or start getting ready for Christmas.

Chock Shop captured by Regan Thacker

17 November: Leamington Christmas Light Switch On

The Leamington Christmas lights switch on event takes place along the Leamington Parade on Sunday 17th November 2019 .

There will be a Yuletide market, fun fair rides, a traditional carol service at the Town Hall, and Touch FM stage.

The brand new lights will be switched on at 5.30pm.

Leamington Light Switch On captured by Richard Cunningham

28 November: Warwick Victorian Evening

The Warwick Victorian Evening & light switch on event takes place in Warwick Market Place on Thursday 28th November.

Carousel ride captured by Regan Thacker

There will be Victorian themed market stalls, crafts and Victorian fun fair rides. And, the lights will be switched on at 7pm.

30 November: Wreath Making Workshop

Wreath Making captured by Regan Thacker

The Herbert Art Gallery are hosting a wreath making workshop, you need to book tickets for this event. Tickets cost £26 but the Herbert Art Gallery are providing materials, and you will be able to develop your wreath making skills for every Christmas after.

7 December: The Snowman with Live Orchestra at Coventry Cathedral

The Snowman at Coventry Cathedral captured by Momma Mack in 2017

Who doesn’t love the animated film ‘The Snowman’?

This wonderful family event brings the snowman to life with a live orchestra at Coventry Cathedral.

6, 7 & 8 December: Stratford-Upon-Avon Christmas Market

There’s another festive Victorian Christmas market with a Dickensian theme in Stratford Upon Avon. It will have traditional gifts, street food stalls, vintage fun fair rides, and a variety of entertainment.

Stratford Upon Avon taken by Regan Thacker

14 December: The Snow Queen at the Albany Theatre

The Snow Queen is an epic adventure with spell-binding magic, action-packed excitement and heart-warming friendship.

In the story, Gerda must race through the four seasons to rescue her brother and prevent the Snow Queen’s terrifying plan to plunge the world into eternal winter.

Full Price Tickets: £12.00 – £16.00 and Child tickets: £9.00 – £11.00
Prices vary dependent on date.

Are there any other awesome autumn events or activities happening in Coventry & Warwickshire?

Be sure to share them with us in the comments, we’d love to hear about them!

Written by Regan Thacker
Dusky blue skies

Belgrade Theatre: Frankenstein [Gifted]?

Coventry Bloggers were invited to the opening night of Frankenstein at Belgrade Theatre and I decided to go for it as I haven’t been to the theatre in ages and I love a good horror (it’s especially perfect for October with the run up the Halloween).

I arrived a little early so I had a bit of a wander of the theatre, it was so cosy with the bad weather and darker nights drawing in and I ended up with a glass of wine, sitting at one of the tables just observing what was going on before heading over to pick up tickets.

The show is in the B2 auditorium which I’ve not been in before, it’s much smaller than the main stage but I really liked it, it made the show more intimate and really suited what we were there to see. The stage was set up to encompass a variety of landscapes (office, house, boat, forest) with books and a wingback chair ready for the performance.

From the moment the show started it managed to capture an eerie atmosphere which maintained throughout but also had humour to it. The story was being told from the perspective of the writer which wasn’t what we were expecting but worked well. A fact I know but always forget is that Frankenstein is the creator not the monster! It had its jumpy moments but I’d say not to be put off if horror isn’t normally your thing, it was creepy without being terrifying and we had a great night out.

I don’t want to give away any details of the show because it’s one that is much better to watch than be described and I wouldn’t want to ruin it for anybody going to see. It is one I would recommend seeing whether you are somebody going to the theatre regularly or someone like me that wanted something a little different to do with my evening.


Life of a Midlander