Esquires Coffee Coventry Celebrates Launch Of Ice-Brew Trio With Novel Partnership

Penguin Random House has partnered with Esquires Coffee for BAFTA-winning TV writer Ruth Jones’ debut novel launch.


Esquires Coffee, the ethical community focused coffee brand, is launching a brand new trio of of ice-brewed drinks just in time for summer! It launches on 22nd June so make sure you head on down. The 3 drinks were Black & Tonic, Iced Chocolate and Iced Raspberry & Vanilla tea. Continue reading


GODIVA FESTIVAL: Do we really need it? This will help you decide!

Godiva festival started in 1998, and for the last two decades it has been famous for being the Midlands biggest three-day free festival.

In 2018, Coventry City Council spent three times more than the original allocated budget! So, this year they introduced ticket charges for the first time. These additional funds are supposed to help manage some of the rising festival costs.

Now that Godiva is no longer the Midlands biggest three-day free festival, do we still need it? Is it still a good event for the City of Coventry?

5 Reasons why Godiva Festival is still great for Coventry!

1. Family-friendly fun

This year’s Godiva Festival provided plenty of entertainment and activities for families:

  • Fairground rides for all ages.
  • A mini-petting farm with rabbits, goats, etc.
  • A Community Circus where attendees could learn to could stilt-walk and hula-hoop, etc
  • An Experi-Tent which had a marble run, a VR experience, and lots of other digital technology.   
  • A wide variety of live musical Entertainment.

I think Godiva is good because it’s great to see so many families enjoying the festival, it appeals to such a broad age range. The size of the park means you don’t feel overwhelmed by huge crowds either. I must say my favourite part of the festival is the silent disco …. it’s just so much fun, if you haven’t experienced it before then definitely pen it in for next year!

Sam @Missb68

2. Amazing Artists

Over the last two decades there have been some amazing artists at Godiva, and this year did not disappoint with the likes of Get Cape Wear Cape Fly, Dodgy, Reef, The Levellers, Busted, and Feeder.

It’s a low cost festival that offers music, fun and activities for all ages! There is something for everyone, whatever your taste.

It brings people to Coventry and promotes our ‘City of Culture’

It’s a great opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family in a relaxed environment.

Jane @joldbury

3. Godiva Supports Emerging local Artists

Every year Godiva runs a competition called ‘Godiva Calling’. This gives local bands and artists the chance to be selected to play at the festival.

It’s a showcase platform for emerging local musical artists

Wes @wesfinchuk

4. Cultural experience

People came together at Godiva Festival to listen to a variety of great music, laugh at comedy, get active with GoCV sports, chill out in the well being zone, learn new circus skills, dress up in silly outfits and have a generally wonderful time.

It’s a good opportunity for the people of Coventry to come together, regardless of social status. Godiva allows people on low incomes to have a cultural experience. It also promotes diversity, with acts from different groups

Rob @mrrjhopkns

This year, Coventry2021 brought the best Desi Music from across the Country to Godiva Festival.

What is Desi Music?

It’s a celebration of the music created, inspired or influenced by British Asian communities. Imagine artists performing a mixture of Bollywood, Bhangra, Qawwali, Reggae, Grime, Hip Hop and Folk-Electronica.

The UK Desi scene has created a unique fusion culture of art, fashion, food and above all music, which we celebrate in all its glorious diversity in the Rhythm Tent line up on Sunday.

Coventry 2021

5. Location

Godiva takes place in Coventry’s War Memorial Park, which is a great location!

If you have ever had to traipse across numerous farm fields or catch a shuttle bus just to get to a festival site due to limited onsite parking, then you will appreciate how easily accessible Godiva is.

A good location encourages more people from inside and outside of the city to attend.

Travel by Train: The Memorial park is only a 15-20 min walk from Coventry railway station, which is on the Main West Coast line.

Travel by Road: The Memorial park just off the A45, which also makes it pretty easy to access by road.

Godiva Festival raises the profile of the city, with people coming from other areas of the Midlands, such as Warwickshire, Birmingham, Leicestershire, etc.

Rob @mrrjhopkns

Godiva Festival Images Taken by Regan @duskyblueskies

Coombe Weekender: Saturday by Regan Thacker

I was very fortunate to have a press pass to Coombe Weekender. I could see the Libertines sign on their backstage cabin, but before their set, there was no other trace of them. I had never seen The Libertines live. I mean a decade or so ago, I was a fan. I bought ‘Up the bracket‘ in 2002, and I also loved Dirty Pretty Things, who were band Carl Barat formed following the demise of the Libertines. The Libertines are known for their other infamous lead singer, Peter Doherty. Pete’s from nearby Bedworth.

Whilst I was in the press pit, numerous people in the crowd were asking if I had seen them or telling me how they used to know him, how he’s very down to earth, generous and friendly. I don’t know how true some of their stories were, but it was apparent that the crowd were really looking forward to seeing them live.

When The Libertines came onto the stage, I found myself a tad more awestruck than I anticipated. I was stood, in the press pitt in front of the Libertines, eek!

They were wearing green aviation jumpsuits, and the yellow strobe lighting was quite difficult to work with as a photographer.

Their set wasn’t as energetic as their younger days, but they were good! It was great to see Pete and Carl sharing a microphone, the familiarity of the songs and nostalgia gave me goosebumps.

Regan Thacker; Photographer and Coventry and Warwickshire Igers Admin.

Find her blog here.

Pantomime auditions have us feline good

9am, 12 degrees and already the queue to audition for the Belgrade Theatre’s pantomime, Puss in Boots, was a street long and buzzing with excitement. Young hopefuls lined up to be in with the chance of being a part of the spectacular chorus at the open cast call on Sunday 8th September. Although the doors were not open until 9.30am, some children had been there as early as 8.30am, eager to get started and raring to go.
Whether they were nine or sixteen, every child was smiling brightly and ready to show what they were made of: showbiz talent.
I was lucky enough to be invited along to the exciting event and talk to auditionees in the queue, followed by getting to witness the auditions for myself.

When I asked the children what they would do if they got into the cast, the answer was almost always the same: food. Whether it was Nando’s, pizza or doughnuts, the celebrations were going to be nothing short of a feast. Some were going to celebrate with a dance, which they showed me on the spot and included impressively high jumps.
They were all clearly a talented bunch, some auditioning at the Belgrade for the first time, while others had also auditioned for other places before. Lucia, 10, had been preparing at her dance classes weekly, along with Daisy, 11 and many others. All dedicated to their performing, some had started dancing as young as 4 such as Iylana, 10.
Amy, 12, said “I have liked acting since I was little and would love to be on the big stage.”
Every child had stars in their eyes and dreams of getting on the stage, their excitement contagious. The excitement tripled as the doors of the Belgrade Theatre were opened.
After a brief introduction, the wonderful Iain Lauchlan (the legend behind the Tweenies), the writer and yearly Pantomime Dame, spoke all about what to expect from the day and the enthusiasm from the crowd was palpable.
The first group to be auditioned, aged 9-10, were certainly impressive. Within a minute of learning the routine, the majority already knew it by heart, beaming away as if none of us were watching. It was commendable how brave they were at such a young age and obviously loved what they did. These children did not seem to know the definition of nerves. thumbnail_IMG_20190908_104124_1
The energy in the room was electric and I was ready to get up onto my feet (though I would have tripped over them within seconds if I tried). Everyone in the room could not help but smile with the children as they performed (from watching, I can confidently say that they could all dance circles around me).thumbnail_IMG_20190908_103330I cannot wait to see the selected chorus perform in this year’s pantomime, ‘Puss in Boots’. It is sure to be a fantastic performance that will be the cat’s whiskers! Coventry should be very proud of its talented young people and it is no wonder that we got City of Culture 2021.


Photo permission given by Belgrade Theatre and children’s parents.

Gifted; Sunday at the Coombe Weekender

I was really excited to be invited along to Coombe Weekender on Sunday 4th August.

Craig Charles

I had been eying up tickets ever since they announced that Craig Charles would be DJ-ing in the main stage. Followed by TopLoader who are a band who I always enjoyed hearing such hits as Achilles Heal and of course Dancing In the Moonlight which came out the year I was 16! As a Blogger I do pay for things, but decided that if I couldn’t get in for free, then I’d just miss out. Tickets were about £45 each for the Sunday, and I felt the two acts I wanted to see were not worth that amount of money. Continue reading

Wagamama’s New Vegan Menu (written by a non vegan!) [Gifted Experience]

Wagamama’s recently invited a group of Coventry Bloggers to try some of their new menu (including the vegan egg!) and I was more than happy to join. If you’ve been reading my posts you’ll know how much I love meeting up with the group and I’ve been to Wagamama loads of times and always had a great time with great food.

Photo Credit: Emily from The Emily Chapters, taken by the lovely staff at Wagamama

Located at Cathedral Lanes, it is in the heart of Coventry City Centre’s foodie area and is so easy to access. It was chucking it down the night we went (you’ll see the umbrellas in the photos later!) but it was easy enough to drive in to get there but there are also plenty of public transport links.

We had sooo much food that night, it was amazing and unbelievably for me, all vegan. I’m not even close to vegan so the fact I choose to eat all vegan and loved it shows what a diverse and creative menu the vegan menus is. We had a selection of starters, a main to share between us, our own choice meal and a selection of deserts.

To start we had Bang Bang Cauliflower, Edamame Beans and Mixed Mushroom + Panko Aubergine Hirata Steamed Buns. The buns were so light and delicious, the beans were really good too and so moorish but it was the cauliflower that stole to show for me. I could have eaten so much of before it! It had some heat to it but fairly mild so don’t be out off by the name if you aren’t heavily into spice. It was so well prepared and the flavours and textures were brilliant. In fact I wish I had some nw writing this!

The shared main was Avant Gard’n which is one of the dishes with the vegan egg and is what I was going to have as my selected meal but as we had a sample I figured I could try something else as well. It was designed in collaboration with Gaz Oakley and is made up of many tasty thing (which I’ll put a picture of the menu for rather than listing here). We tried the egg first as it was such a novelty, we liked that it looked like an egg but wasn’t trying to be an imitation in taste as it was more of a coconut flavour than egg. We mixed everything else up and tucked in, eating way more than I should have with another main meal on the way but it tasted so good!

We also got to try one of the drinks on offer which I wasn’t sure if I would like (especially when I smelt it!) but it was actually really nice and would have again. I’ve put a picture below but it’s difficult to describe it so I’d say if your there give it a try.

The main I ordered was off the vegan menu even though I could choose anything because I was in the mood to try something new and loved the take on the Katsu Curry (Yasai Katsu Curry) which substituted the meat with sweet potato, aubergine and butternut squash, all coated in breadcrumbs. I absolute loved it, in fact Amy from Writing Into the Ether ordered the meat version and we sampled both and I preferred the vegan option so when I want a curry again that’s what I’ll go for!

I was so full at this point (in fact I took some home in a takeaway container for lunch the next day) but we still had pudding to go. I didn’t shy away though, I was especially intrigued by the vegan ice cream which there were two of (chocolate and orange blossom and strawberry and yuzu) along with a mango and matched layer cake which was also very good. I managed to eat quite a lot of desert considering how full I was!

I’m sure you’ve all had enough of my ramblings now so just want to wrap this up by saying what a great night we had, thank you to Wagamama to only for having us but being such brilliant hosts too and for our goodie bags! A very memorable night and looking forward to my next Wagamama meal!


Life of a Midlander

Ed’s Coffee House – Review

Raise your hand if you regularly spend fortunes in coffee shops. whether they be a chain or independent.

Fair play if you don’t like coffee, but us coffee drinkers all do this. We go into a coffee shop, grab our coffee (hot or cold) and then feel like we need to remortgage the house afterwards due to the cost.

I support both chain and independent coffee shops, purely because I love drinking coffee and if there is one near me, I’ll pop in for a drink whilst I shop. I used to be a barista so coffee is something I always enjoy, especially flat white.

However, I do love making coffee at home too and although I don’t do it as often as I used to when I was a barista, I still do it once in a blue moon. Especially when I have guests over.

If you’re like me and enjoy brewing your own coffee at home with a cafetiere, or even with a coffee machine then you need to make sure to check out Ed’s Coffee House in Coventry.

Throughout the post I’m going to show off how I brew my coffee! 😀

This family run business is located in the Coventry Indoor Market and has been situated in both the Birmingham Market, as well as the Ricoh (right outside GAME).

This is actually one of my friends businesses and let me tell you, as both a friend and a customer I can highly recommend Ed’s Coffee House not just for your coffee fix, but for all the different coffee flavours you can buy to use at home, as well as the coffee that can be made for you at the stall.

The way it works is that you can select the coffee you want to purchase, which can be as little as 100g for you to take home. They can grind the coffee at the stall for you too so you don’t have to worry when you get home about any of that faff. Of course, if you have this facility at home you will be give the whole beans so you can do this at home yourself.

If you don’t have any brewing equipment but would be interested in purchasing some, Ed’s Coffee House even stock items such as the french press, areopress, continental drip filter, tea balls & grinders.

Ed’s Coffee House stock coffees from Kenya, Brazil, Columbia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Indonesia and many more including their flavoured coffees including the popular Irish Cream, French Vanilla, Maple Walnut, Rum, Amaretto and Christmas (seasonally).They also stock instant coffees, brewing equipment. loose leaf teas and hot chocolates.

If you have tried a coffee that you like and you have been unable to find it elsewhere then make sure to pop to Ed’s Coffee House as they will do our best to source it for you.

I will of course be talking about some of the coffee flavours I was gifted to review. They’re so yummy and honestly I cannot advice on a better place to go! I usually pick up my flavoured coffees from TK Maxx, which I thought were good. Oh how wrong I was.

Ed’s Coffee House gifted me 6 coffee grind bags and one tea leaf bag.

3 of the coffees I was gifted are from their main range:

Kona (Grown at 1500ft on the side of the volcano Kilalu’s) – Fine body with mild acidity and a chocolate aftertaste.

Indian Monsoon Malabar (Directly exposed to the monsoon weather in the Malabar region of India excellent as an espresso coffee and blends well with other coffees) – Increased body and reduced acidity with sweet notes.

Old Brown Java (Old brown java was originally used as ballast on the old sailing ships where natural ageing occurred as they sailed to and from Europe) – Smooth with minimum acidity and a heavy body.

I was also gifted some flavoured coffees, which I asked for as I LOVE the flavoured coffee from Ed’s Coffee House! When you drink the coffee you can actually taste the flavour you have picked. I’d never tried caramel before and this was a flavour I was gifted to give a go, as it’s one of their best sellers. It’s amazing and was the perfect coffee to drink whilst playing board games, as well the perfect coffee to serve in the morning after a night with friends.


Creme Brulee


Ed’s Coffee House do also sell tea and kindly gifted me one of their many teas on offer, as well as a tea infuser. I’m not a massive tea fan and personally only drink it when offered or Earl Grey when I’m at home, so this tea made a really nice change!

English Breakfast tea (Traditional English Black Tea) – Well balanced black tea great all day long.

Of course Ed’s Coffee House do stock decaf coffee with their decaf coffees having 97% of the caffeine removed via the CO2 process which helps the bean retain as much flavour as possible

They also sell flavoured coffees in decaf too including, Rum, Irish Cream, Chocolate Caramel, Amaretto and Mexican.

As well as selling coffee beans and ground coffee and tea leaves, they also sell chocolate covered coffee beans too, which are AMAZING! I love the dark chocolate ones the most myself, but they also sell white chocolate, milk chocolate and amaretto flavoured chocolate too.

When it comes to coffee I do always gravitate towards flavoured coffee, which you can never go wrong with if you love drinking coffee.

As I mentioned beforehand, if you ever want to try the coffee before you buy it, you can purchase a coffee with the flavour or coffee bean you fancy giving a go. This will be a normal “americano” coffee with or without milk. However, they only stock the semi-skimmed (green top milk) as this is the best seller. They have tried vegan options and these were hardly used and hence a waste of money. However, if you wanted to take your own milk (for example coconut) to add to your coffee Ed’s Coffee House are more than happy for their buyers to do this!

Make sure to go and pay the guys over at Ed’s Coffee House a visit in the Coventry Indoor Market, close to the Lower Precinct entrance. Make sure to mention that I sent you, as I know that will make them very happy. 🙂

Just a quick one as it’s with a heavy heart that I announce this is my last Coventry Bloggers post as a writer on here… For now… Since April I have just been too busy in my life and whilst it makes a nice change, it means I can’t focus on both my blog and writing here. So, I’ve had to admit defeat and for the time being step down until there comes a time when I can do this again. This means I will write as and when I can, not monthly. Which is nice and it will work for me! 😀

It’s sad, but I am still going to be a part of Coventry Bloggers, no matter what! So make sure to keep eyes peeled on my blog for that content!

Until next time all, I hope you have an amazing weekend and go get coffee! 😛



I’m SO excited to be writing this blog post for you all. The other week I attended a really exciting and special event to celebrate the launch of the URGE brand. This brand was founded by one of our very own, Ellena, from Ellena’s paradise.

Firstly, I want to tell you all a little bit about the story behind The URGE. This brand was born shortly after Ellena pulled herself out of a really dark place. About a year ago Ellena was struggling with feeling like she wasn’t enough. She had always felt pressure to do something and be someone but wasn’t sure what that thing was. The last year she found herself amongst toxic people and in a toxic environment and she had to learn the hard way but it was so worth it in the end because she found her purpose.

She achieved her dream last year which was to travel to America. She was able to travel and work while learning so much! However, she still didn’t feel enough. She found herself discovering the world, learning new things, meeting new people. Then eventually she figured it out! The most important thing she found out was who she is and what she means to herself. Ellena realised she loves Art and so she started to paint. She started talking to people about how she was feeling and her emotions, she finally felt like she belonged somewhere! Ellena’s life changed in such a short space of time. She had the URGE to change something and to do something important. She wanted to be confident, beautiful and be heard! She wanted to help people in need, help people love who they are and appreciate what they have. This was when the URGE brand was born. You can read Ellena’s full story here.

The URGE brand has launched with their first product which is the Pearl Medusa which you can shop here. It’s vegan, ethical and to top it off – no plastic is involved in the production or packaging. These earrings are the perfect mix of glamour and sustainability. They have been made to make anyone feel beautiful and confident, they truly are a statement piece.

I was so excited when I received the invited to attend the launch. So after I finished work me and Chloe headed off to the Ivy House in Coventry. When we arrived we were greeted by Ellena who was looking totally GLAM! We headed up to the room and it was a pink dream! Cute white petals, glitter, feathers, fairy lights! Pretty much my kinda event!

Ellena had set up the cutest little heart canvas that was painted pink and had The URGE written on it in cute little pearls. She had set out some paint brushes and some paint and had asked everyone to sign their name on the canvas. I thought this was the sweetest idea ever and the loveliest keepsake. It’s safe to say I’m not the best with a paint brush but I tried my best!

We had the opportunity to have a chit chat and a catch up with some fellow bloggers. Me and Chloe were also eyeing up the delicious cupcakes and doughnuts that were set out… we did have one or two. After taking lots of photos Ellena then spoke to us a little bit about the brand and what it’s about and briefly about her story. Ellena had collaborated with some amazing brands and created a beautiful hamper for the raffle which looked insane! When we arrived she gave everyone a raffle ticket so we were all in with a chance of winning.

Before we left Ellena gave us the cutest little goodie bag which had some lovely samples and vouchers inside and the cutest jar of bath salts. I absolutely loved how she had decorated the bag using paints and pearls! Overall, the launch was amazing and I’m so excited to see what else she has to come! Thank you so much Ellena for the invite and letting me share this special moment with you!

The Urge is coming to Coventry!


Our wonderful blogger Ellena form Ellena’s paradise is launching her very own jewellery brand called The Urge. It is a mix of glamour and then sustainability as her products are vegan, ethical and no plastic is involved!

She has been on a journey in her life and came to Coventry to study tourism and has just finished her degree! So well done for that and now she is starting her own business and the website will be going live, so make sure you check it out from tonight here. Continue reading

Launch event for Move and Play

Summer 2019, Coventry Transport museum is hosting the internationally acclaimed exhibition; Move and Play. I was luck enough to be invited alone to the opening session on Sunday 30th June.

I took my Daughter, who is 6 along with me, and she thought it was brilliant! I plan to go back during the summer as she loves the Transport Museum. we generally go on hot days, as it means that it is much quieter as everyone else wants to be outside! We follow the family trail leaflets, or sketch cars together. we usually take a picnic to eat at the picnic area half way round the museum. And we always enjoy a drink at Esquires while we are there (as their coffee is really good.)

There are also drop in sessions all summer for Mini Engineers. One of these sessions was on the day we visited, and we had a great time building ramps and runs. Find out when they are on, here.

The exhibition is in the side of the entrance, after the ticket desk. this is where all the exhibitions are generally held. It is a large and airy room, which has plenty of space for the 19 activities that Move and Play has to offer.

“Explore an immersive world of games, challenges, and triumph in this must-see exhibition!

From disco donuts to nostalgic tennis, thermal cameras to tightrope walking. Adventure through 19 different activities, unearth the impact of movement on your body and put your senses to the test. The UK debut of Move and Play! offers an unmissable experience for visitors of all abilities.”*

Her is more info on what you can do in the exhibition

The 30th June also happens to be the first day that the Transport museum is charging an entrance fee.

But, if you live in Coventry, do not despair! Get your hands on a Go-CV card, and you can still get in for FREE!

The event was supported by:

Catering: Esquires Coffee House. To find out more about the catering menu, click on the review here!

Drinks: Dhillions Brewery

Entertainment; Circus Mash

* text taken from Transport Museum website.