Cocktails & Networking – Cov Bloggers April Meet Up

Good afternoon all! I’m pretty sure I don’t just speak for myself when I say how excited I am for this bank holiday. 😛 It’s the last one for a while so I’m definitely going to try and make the most of it.

I’ve posted a couple of times on the Coventry Bloggers blog now, but moving forward I really hope to have my main posts on the 25th of each month. In between I might write other posts about Coventry, but my main one will always be this date.

I’m so excited to write about an amazing event that most of the Cov Bloggers (if not all!) attended one of the bank holidays we had in April. Just before the long Easter bank holiday kicked off we had a lovely event to attend Friday afternoon/evening and boy what a gorgeous day it was! Easter was some of the hottest days we’ve had so far this year so it was nice for the long weekend to kick start with a bunch of gorgeous ladies, beauty related panels and lots of gossip and photos! Continue reading “Cocktails & Networking – Cov Bloggers April Meet Up”


Belgrade Theatre Announce New Shows for Autumn/Winter 2019

Good evening everyone I hope you’re well! I can’t believe it’s almost the weekend already and I for one, cannot wait!

Weekends are perfect to do all the things you wish you could do in the week but have to work. The Belgrade Theatre have some amazing shows coming up so save some time to go see them when they come out! Continue reading “Belgrade Theatre Announce New Shows for Autumn/Winter 2019”

My 5 Favourite Places To Eat & Drink In Coventry

Photo taken by TV Trev Photography

Hey everyone! I’m Natalee from There Might Be Coffee and this is officially my first post on the Coventry Bloggers page! How exciting eh? 😀

I’m not actually from Coventry, I’m from Birmingham but this being said my boyfriend is from Coventry so I visited here quite a lot to see him when he lived here. I say visited but I still visit Coventry quite a lot to this day, whether it to be visit my boyfriends family, friends or even to come for blog events and see the gorgeous Coventry Blogger girls! Continue reading “My 5 Favourite Places To Eat & Drink In Coventry”