The Libertines on stage at Coombe Weekender

Coombe Weekender: Saturday by Regan Thacker

I was very fortunate to have a press pass to Coombe Weekender. I could see the Libertines sign on their backstage cabin, but before their set, there was no other trace of them. I had never seen The Libertines live. I mean a decade or so ago, I was a fan. I bought ‘Up the bracket‘ in 2002, and I also loved Dirty Pretty Things, who were band Carl Barat formed following the demise of the Libertines. The Libertines are known for their other infamous lead singer, Peter Doherty. Pete’s from nearby Bedworth.

Whilst I was in the press pit, numerous people in the crowd were asking if I had seen them or telling me how they used to know him, how he’s very down to earth, generous and friendly. I don’t know how true some of their stories were, but it was apparent that the crowd were really looking forward to seeing them live.

When The Libertines came onto the stage, I found myself a tad more awestruck than I anticipated. I was stood, in the press pitt in front of the Libertines, eek!

They were wearing green aviation jumpsuits, and the yellow strobe lighting was quite difficult to work with as a photographer.

Their set wasn’t as energetic as their younger days, but they were good! It was great to see Pete and Carl sharing a microphone, the familiarity of the songs and nostalgia gave me goosebumps.

Regan Thacker; Photographer and Coventry and Warwickshire Igers Admin.

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Gifted; Sunday at the Coombe Weekender

I was really excited to be invited along to Coombe Weekender on Sunday 4th August.

Craig Charles

I had been eying up tickets ever since they announced that Craig Charles would be DJ-ing in the main stage. Followed by TopLoader who are a band who I always enjoyed hearing such hits as Achilles Heal and of course Dancing In the Moonlight which came out the year I was 16! As a Blogger I do pay for things, but decided that if I couldn’t get in for free, then I’d just miss out. Tickets were about £45 each for the Sunday, and I felt the two acts I wanted to see were not worth that amount of money. Continue reading

Launch event for Move and Play

Summer 2019, Coventry Transport museum is hosting the internationally acclaimed exhibition; Move and Play. I was luck enough to be invited alone to the opening session on Sunday 30th June.

I took my Daughter, who is 6 along with me, and she thought it was brilliant! I plan to go back during the summer as she loves the Transport Museum. we generally go on hot days, as it means that it is much quieter as everyone else wants to be outside! We follow the family trail leaflets, or sketch cars together. we usually take a picnic to eat at the picnic area half way round the museum. And we always enjoy a drink at Esquires while we are there (as their coffee is really good.)

There are also drop in sessions all summer for Mini Engineers. One of these sessions was on the day we visited, and we had a great time building ramps and runs. Find out when they are on, here.

The exhibition is in the side of the entrance, after the ticket desk. this is where all the exhibitions are generally held. It is a large and airy room, which has plenty of space for the 19 activities that Move and Play has to offer.

“Explore an immersive world of games, challenges, and triumph in this must-see exhibition!

From disco donuts to nostalgic tennis, thermal cameras to tightrope walking. Adventure through 19 different activities, unearth the impact of movement on your body and put your senses to the test. The UK debut of Move and Play! offers an unmissable experience for visitors of all abilities.”*

Her is more info on what you can do in the exhibition

The 30th June also happens to be the first day that the Transport museum is charging an entrance fee.

But, if you live in Coventry, do not despair! Get your hands on a Go-CV card, and you can still get in for FREE!

The event was supported by:

Catering: Esquires Coffee House. To find out more about the catering menu, click on the review here!

Drinks: Dhillions Brewery

Entertainment; Circus Mash

* text taken from Transport Museum website.

New Exhibit at The Herbert; Wonder

(Perpetuation (2019) by Edie Jo Murray, CGI animation still. Image © The artist)
Stepping into the Upstairs Gallery ( Gallery 1) in The Herbert, Coventry, always transports me to a happy place. And the new Summer exhibition, Wonder is no exception. With work by 7 exceptional local artists, they have taken inspiration from the permanent art collection that The Herbert houses.
“Seven remarkable artists have been united to take you on a journey to enchanting new worlds, one of unexpected environments, and dreamlike realities.”
A group of Coventry Bloggers were invited along to the Exhibition opening, and after party, which was hosted by Secret Knock Zine on Friday 28th July. Continue reading