Hi all, as my first post on this fabulous new site Emily has set up I’d like to write about my experience with the Coventry Bloggers group and why I decided to become an author for this site.

I joined the Coventry Bloggers Facebook group at the beginning of March but I already feel so well integrated into the community despite only having been in it for a couple of months. There is so much interaction in the group which was such a breath of fresh air. I’d become quite stagnant with my own blog (Life of a Midlander) and I was looking for a bit of inspiration and what I got was that and more.

It’s a very warm and welcoming group, everybody is willing to help and support each other and it’s been great for me to discover so many other amazing content creators so local to me. I’m now also following many of them (as well as Cov Bloggers) on Instagram and am loving seeing what they create. It’s encouraged me to be a bit more active on my own account as well as being more regular with creating blog posts and I’m thoroughly enjoying it!

The group has also opened up new opportunities, such as the recently gifted experience at GoApe – myself and my husband (Pete) got to be involved in the launch event and we had an amazing time, it was such a special day (I’ve written a post about it over on my page if you would like to find out more) and I’ll be attending a blogger event towards the end of this month which will mean I get to meet some of the people I’ve only had online contact with so far which I’m so excited about. There are quite a few events that come through the group which is great because people can get involved with what is relevant for them and their blogs.

This group re-kindling my love of blogging is why I’ve decided to be an author for this website. It’s such a positive group and so I’m more than happy to become more involved moving forward.

Dawn x

Life of a Midlander


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